2019 in 2 Minutes: Naomi Osaka

2019 in 2 Minutes: Naomi Osaka

your Australian Open women's singles champion the 2019 Naomi Osaka


every player is entitled to a clunker every once in a while and maybe that's what this was


I think given the circumstances I I tried my best and I don't really have any regrets


it's a very new landscape for her to deal with now that she's got the one with the target on her back


I don't want to say I feel depressed but I do like I think it's a natural part of life especially if you like you train super hard for moments like these and then you don't perform how you want to


I don't know there's answers to questions that you guys ask but I still haven't figured out


how does it feel getting back on the hard courts away from the brass the clay


yeah I mean I don't want to say it but it feels really good to get away from the grass and the clay hard courts sort of where I grew up so it definitely feels more comfortable


a lot of changes that have gone on in her life in the last 12 months she's adjusting to some of those but she does seem to be a very good spirits here that's a good sign


so I just wanted to say it's really special for me to win here this is a city that I was born honestly I think that gave me a lot of power to play constantly match after match


ten consecutive matches ten days shy of turning 22 Osaka picks up her fifth career title and knocks off the world number one in the process


it kind of sucks cuz I thought I was playing well and I definitely wanted to win here so disappointed


for me I always say like when you guys asked me at the end of the year what I thought was good or what I thought was bad and my answer is always I wish I was more consistent throughout the year and that's kind of what I'm gonna say again this time